Vicar – The Rev. Ben Rodenbeck

Rev. Ben Rodenbeck
Rev. Ben Rodenbeck

Fr. Ben was ordained a deacon in 2013 and served as a deacon to Trinity Kingman until 2020. As a deacon, Ben focused on Hospital visits and home visits for congregants who were unable to attend services. On the announcement of the former rector’s upcoming retirement, Ben was asked to consider the priesthood. Eventually, he agreed and was admitted to the Sonoran Theological Seminary through the Episcopal Diocese of Arizona. Upon completion of his studies there, Ben was ordained priest in 2022 by the Rt. Rev. Jennifer Reddall, Bishop of the Diocese of Arizona. Fr. Ben serves Trinity Kingman as Vicar and works through the week as Hospice Chaplain for Family Care Home Health and Hospice in Kingman, Golden Valley, Yucca, and Lake Havasu.

Fr. Ben was divorced in 2014 and maintains a friendly relationship with his ex-wife. He has 50/50 custody of his teenage daughter.

Deacon – The Rev. Dale Gallup

Deacon Dale has been living in Kingman Arizona since 2007. He became affiliated with the Episcopal Church Kingman in 2015. As a gay Christian man, he realized that the Episcopal beliefs and expression through worship are in sync with his relationship and expression of relationship with our Heavenly Parent.  He answered the call to the ministry of Deacon and was ordained Deacon within the Episcopal Church in 2021. Dale is excited and feels secure living a life of ministry in the capacity of Deacon, feeling that serving our Heavenly Parent, Creator is a core of who he is as a human being. He feels that sharing the opportunity of living in a relationship with our Heavenly Parent and Creator with all people (seeing Jesus Christ in all people) is a privilege, not a duty.


Senior Warden- Jeanne Greene

Jeanne Greene

Junior Warden – Allen Mitchell

Bishop’s Committee

  • Joan Abrahan – Treasurer
  • Katie Manning – Clerk
  • Doric Caruso
  • June Sauve
  • Barbara Gracin