Trinity Episcopal Church is a Christian community founded on the love, grace, forgiveness, and acceptance of Jesus Christ our Lord. We invite and welcome all people to come and worship and pray with us to be fed by both the words of Scripture and the Holy Eucharist. Whether you have spent your whole life as a part of a church, or maybe you haven’t been in a while, or maybe you have never been, you will find a warm and sincere welcome at Trinity. Come and let us serve you.

COVID-19 Concerns

We do ask that anyone who joins our in-person worship who is NOT vaccinated to please, wear a mask or face covering, use hand sanitizer, and practice social distancing. We are distributing Communion in two kinds, “Dip, don’t Sip”. Please understand that we want everyone who enters our doors to go into the world as healthy as you came in. We appreciate your patience and cooperation.

Trinity Church, Kingman
Established 1920